Epoxy Garage Floors

Epoxy Floor Flakes

Face it, your garage sees a lot of traffic – foot, car, lawn equipment, bicycles – and suffers for it. A1 Garage Door Service will keep your floor smooth, level, and looking good with professional application of epoxy coating. At A1 Garage Door Service, we know that preparation is a huge part of a job, so we take the time to properly prepare your garage floor. Once your floor is ready, we use only top-quality products, applied with precision and patience. Your garage floor will look beautiful for the life of your garage regardless of the amount of use it gets. Neither water nor heat will warp the coatings, and the surface will not be damaged by salt, grease, or automotive acids. Call us today for more information on our epoxy floor services.


We ONLY use commercial/industrial products
We only use the top quality epoxy with a 2-4 day process
LIFETIME warranty


Epoxy Floor

A bad epoxy job comes from two major issues. Poor preparation and cheap products. If poorly applied, your epoxy floor will peel and chip as shown in this image. We do a thorough one full day of preparation so that your epoxy floor lasts a lifetime. Our competitors offer quick 1 day in and done jobs, but these will not last for the long haul. We use only the best professional products and can offer our exclusive lifetime warranty because we only use tried and tested products that we know and rely on.

We have 10 popular colors to choose from and three different finishes to suit anyone's taste. Our technicians can advise on the best solution for your garage floor, and give you a detailed description of what you can expect from the process.


A+ BBB rating
5 Star rating on Yelp
Angie's List Super Service Award Winner
Discount on any garage door accessories or a new garage door in the future.
Superior durability
Long lasting
Strong adhesion
Heat resistant (no hot tire pick-up)
Salt and acid resistant
Reduced maintenance costs
Will leave the job-site clean and tidy
Only professional installers will be at the job-site
We remove existing epoxy or paint
Full-chip coverage
We repair cracks and caulk joints to prepare for your new floor


Floor Preparation/Epoxy Primer

Day 1 – Floor Preparation/Epoxy Primer

Power Blast and Acid Etch: We start out by using a 4000 PSI pressure wash with a roto tip to blast away the finish coat of the concrete. Then we apply muriatic acid to remove the finish coat of concrete and create a rough surface for the epoxy to adhere to.

Patching: Crack, divots and holes are patched using the highest quality polymer-modified patching compound and then ground smooth.

Epoxy Primer: A clear epoxy primer is then applied as the first layer. We use a two-part 100% solids penetrating epoxy which saturates and penetrates deep into the open pores of the floor. This creates a powerful mechanical and chemical bond that is guaranteed not to break.

Epoxy Color and Flake

DAY 2 – Epoxy Color and Flake

Colored Epoxy: After giving the clear coat adequate time to dry, we return the following day to apply a second (colored) layer of epoxy. While the epoxy is tacky, we liberally spread colored flakes across the floor to ensure even and consistent coverage.


DAY 3 – Chemical Resistant Clear Top-Coat

Top-Coat: Our final day's process starts with the floor getting a thorough scraping and brushing to remove any excess flakes before the top-coat is applied. This clear top coat provides a "granite look" floor with a chemical and abrasion resistant durability and shine. The finished floor can withstand most automotive and household fluids, and will be unaffected by hot tires. This floor is also virtually maintenance free.


3 Shades of Finish

Flakes can be applied or excluded as desired with the following 3 options. Ask your technician about recommendations and pricing.

Solid Color
Partial Chip
Full Chip



10 Popular Colors to Choose From