Garage Door Buyers Guide

When a homeowner is considering purchasing a new garage door, there are many different options in the modern marketplace that can make the process seem a bit overwhelming. Homeowners have options that can vary greatly based on design, material and style and these different elements can really help to taper the garage door to the individual owner's needs. This guide should assist homeowners in being able to better understand what options are available to them.

Types of doors

Every home is different so every home will have its own set of individual requirements and needs when it comes to a garage door. Below we will discuss the different types and what the pros and cons of them are

Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors – Roller doors are fairly common and can represent optimum convenience for a few reasons. These doors roll up and store themselves inside the garage which means there is no swinging out of the garage door. This is nice for houses that have limited driveway space especially. Also, it means the driver can park their car right next to the garage while it is opening. Plus, people can park in the driveway without having to be concerned about constricting the doors opening. These doors are usually made of segmented pieces of aluminum, which does somewhat limit the desired style.

Up and over doors

Up and over doors – As opposed to roller doors, these are large doors that open outwardly and become level with the ceiling of the garage. These can be a nice option for homes that have a lot of space in the driveway and the solid make can provide a desired design and style element for the homeowner. However, as mentioned these doors do require some space to be opened so the car must allow for a bit of distance and are not suitable for small driveways.

Swing hung doors

Swing hung doors – These doors are very similar to hinged doors that are found in the home except larger and a bit more stylized. These doors are becoming more and more popular with homeowners and there are a few good reasons why. As with up and over doors, swing hung doors do require space but for homeowners that have the space, these can be a really unique and flexible option. Often times a garage becomes much more than just a place to park the car and these doors can help to make the space feel more like an extra room as opposed to just a garage. They also come in many shapes, materials and sizes to fit desired aesthetics.


I have found my door, now what?

Once a homeowner has found the door that is right for them there is the big issue at hand; how to install it? Well, there is always the "do it yourself" option, but this can be a very laborious and intensive task and for those who are not prepared it can be much more than they bargained for. Often times it makes more sense to hire a professional to handle the task.

Companies like A1 garage door can handle the entire install sparing the homeowner any potential grief and headaches that can come from taking on such a big task. A1 has all of the proper tools and knowledgeable professionals to handle any garage door install. Plus, A1 can even help the homeowner to find the right garage door for their home which makes it sort of a one stop shopping experience. Convenience is key and there really isn't anything that offers homeowners more convenience than A1 Garage Door.

Wrap up

With this very simple knowledge and understanding of the types of garage doors that are available homeowners can make a much more informed decision on what type of door best suits their need. Just be sure to assess what will work best and what the needs of the home really are. No matter what the situation, A1 Garage Door can help homeowners find and install the perfect garage door for their home.